Student Design Challenges

The CASMART Student Design Challenge is intended for undergraduate and/or graduate students to consider innovative approaches to developing new materials and hardware using shape memory materials (SMM) technology. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity by applying engineering theories and methods they’ve learned, using engineering design principles, and leveraging CASMART members’ experience to address SMM design challenges in aeronautics, astronautics and medical industry, among others. Multiple application examples are provided by CASMART organizers of the challenge.  Each example includes a description of the application, the objective(s), constraints, etc.

Each project consists of two elements:

  1. Design THE material: Consists of designing a new shape memory material to match specific requirements as outlined in the project description. This involves researching prior art, classifying properties, and finally suggesting and making the material formulation. Students will have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with industry and/or government members of CASMART to share ideas and experience.
  2. Design WITH the material: Consists of designing SMM hardware with commercially available SMAs, but with a transition path using the newly developed SMM above. The challenge involves developing an actuation/structural strategy from the available SMM forms such as wire, helical spring, plate, torque tube, fabric, and others. Students will have the opportunity to develop new ideas toward this goal, and to pursue intellectual growth in areas of SMM design.

CASMART 1st Design Challenge

CASMART 2nd Design Challenge

CASMART 3rd Design Challenge